Laura and I really struggle to decide on anything so when we had a day off together yesterday and Laura suggested a last minute early gender scan I took her up on the offer straight away. I wasn’t aware that you could do a baby gender scan at 16 weeks but here I am a day later knowing the sex of our baby.

Window to the womb: Baby gender scan at 16 weeks

Although I can’t speak for all private early gender scan companies but Window to the Womb puts you at complete ease. As apposed to the NHS, Window to the Womb takes the time to talk things through with you and makes the experience feel like a special occasion. I always feel that when you go to a midwife appointment they are just trying to get you in and out again but with private early gender scan companies you feel like they care and it feels genuine. They know that although it is a job for them and they do it all day but it doesn’t happen everyday for you and that 20 minutes is a very special moment in your life.

Super Scrimp for your baby gender scan at 16 weeks

As I said earlier, Laura was scrolling through Groupon when she found this deal from Window to the Womb and although £55 doesn’t seem that cheap, I can assure you it is worth it. They are on to a winner. Not only do they get the money for the scan but they then offer to put the baby’s heart beat into a teddy bear for £20 which is a massive gimmick but hey, why not! You also get 4 printed pictures plus all of the pictures sent to the Bumpies app on your iPhone or iPad.

It’s not just a baby gender scan at 16 weeks

You also get a little sneak peak at what the little nugget looks like in 3D. We were warned that it could look like something out of the film alien but in fact it just looked like a tiny baby with a little button nose. The 3D part isn’t a big part of the scan and I’m sure they just do it so you go back for another scan at 28 weeks which of course I am sure we will do.

It’s a penis

Baby gender scan at 16 weeks

So we are having a boy. Apparently the accuracy is 99.9% but I have read that it can be wrong, this seems to mainly be for girls because they miss the penis somehow. But you can see that he has some strong male anatomy going on there so I am pretty certain I can start shopping for his clothes now.

The heartbeat bear from Window to the Womb #heartbeat #16weekspregnant #windowtothewomb

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Has anyone else had a Baby gender scan at 16 weeks?