So apparently newborn babies make their way through an abundance of nappies. According to some websites I have looked at, an average of 10-12 nappies are used a day. That means the baby is going through roughly 80 nappies a week – That’s a lot!

I have been looking around the internet today for the cheapest newborn nappies I could find so we can start stocking up and found are selling bulk Pampers nappies in a variety of sizes from 7p a nappy.

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Cheapest newborn nappies

The majority of prices I found online were about 10p per nappy. So you are saving 3p per nappy which doesn’t sound like much but hear me out. Say you use 3 wipes per change, if you buy these Pampers wipes also on Amazon which work out at 1p per wipe then you are theoretically getting your wipes for free. I use the term ‘free’ loosely but hopefully you catch my drift.

Have you found anywhere cheaper? If so, comment below and spread the knowledge.