It is official. I am now the proud Dad of a human. A tiny little human with tiny little feet and tiny little hands but with the lungs big enough to fill the o2 arena.

Baby Oliver was born on Friday 19th January at 1:11pm weighing in at 8lb 5oz.

The Journey

Now I won’t give you a rundown on the last 9 months but just the last 12 hours of it.

With 40 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy under our belt I was starting to think the baby would never arrive but at 2:30 am Laura started having contractions, the real ones this time, not those scaremongering contractions that get you all worked up then just decide to be like, no we’re not having the baby today after all! Like a trooper, Laura rode the first hours out on her own and didn’t wake me until 6am.

We phoned the maternity unit at the hospital but because the waters hadn’t broken and the contractions were not 3-4 minutes apart, we were told to ride it out at home for a little longer. 10 am comes around and the contractions are still 4-5 minutes apart but we decide that it’s time to phone the hospital again because it was getting too much for Laura at home. It was a good thing we did because she was 7cm dilated by the time we got to the maternity ward.

Relax. Keep calm and have a baby!

Ok, I’ve watched a lot of one born every minute and never have a seen such a calm birth on the TV as what we experienced and Laura agrees and she was the one pushing out a baby! The midwife that looked after Laura asked if she would like to give water birth a try and I am very glad she did.

There was not a single drop of gas and air or any other drugs in sight and the baby came naturally and happy(ish) into the water like a fish at 1:11 pm. After some stitches and a couple of rounds of tea & toast, we were on our way back home at 7 pm.

So what now?

So this is it, the start of my life as a dad, our life as a growing family and Oliver’s life as a happy, well slept and well-behaved baby (one can only hope). Where do you go from here, in these first few days I have mostly spent my time checking he is breathing, taking photos and cuddling him. Because at the moment he doesn’t really do that much. Sleeps. Cries. Eats. Poos. Farts! So apart from looking beautiful and achieving his lifelong goal to keep us awake at all times, he doesn’t do much else.

As the weeks go on, he will learn more and develop into a young baby that interacts with the world around him but until then, he is tiny and cute so I’ll just have to fill my hours looking at him and wondering how on earth I managed to make such a beautiful creation.

DIY Daddy