The baby’s due date is looming ever closer, January 13th is just over a week away and baby is taking the opportunity to keep us on our toes everyday.

New Year, New Baby

Ever since New Year’s Eve, Laura has been suffering with cramps that have been coming and going. The first time Laura mentioned the cramps to me, I thought this is it! Baby is on his way! But still here I am with no baby.

The problem I have is there is no normal course of events. Every pregnancy is different. Some babies arrive early, some arrive late. You are told he should be early because it is your second baby but people are still late. When the mucus plug goes, is that it? No, apparently not. Laura’s plug went tonight so I thought maybe this is it. This is not the case, after reading other parenting forums like NetMums, labour could be hours or even weeks away. All we would like is a bit of structure. In an ideal world, I would like to know when the baby is going to arrive but that isn’t going to happen.

The Waiting Game

So here we are, waiting! Like everyone else. Laura is growing more uncomfortable and the house has never looked for clean. I am just growing impatient, wanting to meet the little guy but not wanting to ask annoying questions because Laura knows as much as I do and that is he will come when he is ready and we will just have to wait.

Do you know of any trends? Was labour faster second time? Did anything work to bring on labour?